What is the difference between Save As and Save for Web in Photoshop?

3 Answers. Show activity on this post. Save for Web removes all proprietary data from the file resulting in smaller file sizes. Simply saving as PNG will include hidden proprietary data, like meta data for the creation app, app version, time created, etc.

What does save for web do in Photoshop?

As of version 5 and greater, Photoshop includes a very handy “Save for Web” command. This feature allows you to produce a copy of your image that is optimised for Web use. This means that the image file will be as small as possible, and that the image will use only Web-safe colours (if desired).

Is Save for web better?

Save For Web is a nifty feature of later editions of Adobe Photoshop that allows us to compromise in a better way with size and quality in order to retain a decent looking JPEG, PNG or GIF. It does this by reducing the quality and stripping out unnecessary metadata.

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How do I save for web in Photoshop without losing quality?

How to Save for Web Correctly

  1. Go to File>Export>Save for Web (Legacy)…
  2. A dialogue box will appear. Select JPEG and lower your quality down to 60%. …
  3. Check to make sure your photo size is around 100K or less before you save it. If it is too big, you might need to lower the quality down to 50%.
  4. Click save.

What is the difference between Save As and save in Photoshop?

To recap, Save As is best for saving incomplete versions of your file and for saving documents of diverse formats, whereas Export As is most suitable for saving final rasterized versions of specific sizes.

What is the difference between the Save command and Save for web & Devices command?

Use Save when you do not want to change the name and location of the document. Use Save as when you want to change the name, location and format of the document.

Why is Save for web legacy?

But Save for Web (Legacy) gives you more control over compression, previewing, and metadata. And Save for Web (Legacy) can export a Photoshop video timeline as an animated GIF file. … Instead, you set up Quick Export by choosing File > Export > Export Preferences.

Why is Save for web grayed out in Photoshop?

Reasons it could be grayed out: image mode is not Bitmap, Indexed, 8 bit RGB, or 8 bit Grayscale; or the plugin is missing for some reason.

Why can’t I save for web in Photoshop?

Try making it smaller or changing the measurement to pixels, if it is not already. Next, make sure the canvas size is not smaller than the image size, nor bigger than it. If so, change it to the same size with the same measurement of pixels or whatever the image’s is. Try saving for web, again.

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What is the importance of Save for web and device option?

While you could just save your file in a standard method, such File / Save As, the Save for Web/Devices feature does crucial three things. It optimizes the file dimensions (for example: 150 px X 150 px) allowing it to fit into web pages cleaner and look better and less distorted.

How do I save an image for web in Photoshop?

Open a photo, and choose File > Save For Web. Then choose a format from the file format menu (GIF, JPEG, PNG‑8, or PNG‑24) and set options as desired. (The file format menu is directly beneath the Preset menu.) This saves a copy of your file, without overwriting the original image.

How do I optimize an image for web in Photoshop?

Open an image and choose File > Save For Web. Choose JPEG from the optimization format menu. To optimize to a specific file size, click the arrow to the right of the Preset menu, and then click Optimize To File Size.

How do I optimize an image for web without losing quality?

Optimizing Images & Photos: A Quick Guide

  1. Start with good photos. …
  2. Showcase your products with multiple angles. …
  3. Use a white background for your products. …
  4. Save your images with the right dimensions. …
  5. Improve page load speeds by using the correct image format. …
  6. Experiment with quality settings.

What is the difference between Save As and export?

save: To save is to commit changes to a permanent state in a format that the application can natively utilize(keeps the file format). To export is to change the data format so that another application can utilize it. (changes the format for example from png to jpg).

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What is the use of Save As option?

“Save As” lets the user make a copy of the file in a different folder or make a copy with a different name.

What should I save my Photoshop video as?

You can save a video in Photoshop as either a PSD (if you are still in the process of making edits to it) or a QuickTime / H. 264 Movie (suitable for exporting complete videos). For animations, the same saving options are available.