Quick Answer: Where are custom shapes stored in Photoshop?

1 Correct answer. Go to Window > Shapes, they should be stored there. Photoshop never deletes Custom Presets. Go to Window > Shapes, they should be stored there.

Where are my custom shapes Photoshop 2021?

Click on Window in the main menubar, then select “Shapes.” In the flyout menu, select “Legacy shapes and more.” Find the folder where the shapes that you want are in, and select them from there.

What happened to all the custom shapes in Photoshop?

Removing the sensible custom shapes like arrows and replacing them with things like flowers and trees seems a retrograde step for professional photographers. … The 2019 Shapes are in the Legacy Shapes and More folder, but go to Window > Shapes and load that folder from the Panel menu if you don’t see it.

Where are custom shapes Photoshop CC 2020?

Going to Window > Shapes.

Where can I download Photoshop shapes?

You can find more free custom shapes at sites like myPhotoshopBrushes.

  • 34 Free Frames Custom Shapes. SKSchmitz 4564.
  • 14 Sport Shapes. Eugen 2464.
  • 30 Label Shapes. myPhotoshopBrushes 29329.
  • 6 City Skylines. Hebedesign 18423.
  • 18 Love Custom Shapes. …
  • 30 Christmas Trees Custom Shapes. …
  • 12 Twigs Custom Shapes. …
  • 11 Cities Icons.
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