How do you create a gradient in Illustrator?

How do I add a gradient to an image in Illustrator?

Click the “Gradient Tool” in the Toolbox. Click the rectangle to apply a gradient to it. By default this will change the rectangle to white on the left, fading to black on the right. When the gradient is applied to the photo, black will be transparent and white will be solid.

Where is gradient option in Illustrator?

Let’s get familiar with the location of the gradient tool in Adobe Illustrator. The gradient tool can be found by clicking Window > Gradient. It can also be found in the default tool bar and will appear as its own small window in the default workspace.

Why can’t I make a gradient in Illustrator?

You may just need to change to a gradient filled by choosing the middle icon at the bottom of your tools. Or use the eyedropper to fill a selected item. Select the object then in the appearance panel use the fly out menu to Clear Appearance, now try the grad tool.

How do I add a gradient to text in Illustrator?

Click on the “Fill” option, and then click the “Gradient” window. Adjust the handles and options on the gradient; you’ll see the gradient fill the text object you selected.

How do you show the gradient annotator in Illustrator?

To turn on the Gradient Annotator, go to View > Show > Gradient Annotator or use Option / Alt + Command / Ctrl + G shortcuts. So let’s see how to apply a gradient and then know how to manage it. To apply a gradient fill to a selected object, you should choose this type of filling on the Tools panel.

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How do I create a gradient swatch?

Create a gradient swatch

Choose New Gradient Swatch in the Swatches panel menu. For Swatch Name, type a name for the gradient. For Type, choose Linear or Radial. Select the first color stop in the gradient.