How do you add a copyright symbol in Lightroom?

How do I add copyright to metadata in Lightroom?

If you don’t use Auto Import, or want to add copyright information to a single image manually, simply select the metadata panel on the right side of the Develop Module. In this panel you will see the same options listed above and can enter the desired information.

What is the symbol for copy?

Copyright Symbol

Copyright Symbol Copyright Symbol Name Symbol Number
© Copyright Alt Code 0169
© Copyright Unicode ©
© Copyright Html ©
Sound Recording Copyright Unicode

How do I add copyright to my photos?

The cheapest way to add some form of copyright to your image is to use the text tool in any photo-editing program (heck, even Microsoft Paint will do the job) and tag your name on it. You can do it discreetly by writing it in a corner, in small font size, or you can plaster it over the entire photo.

Can you add a watermark in Lightroom?

If you want to add a graphic watermark in Lightroom, follow these steps: Select “Edit Watermark” in the Lightroom tab on the top navigation. In the top right hand corner of the window select “graphic”. Choose your watermark file.

How do you write copyright metadata?

In Basic, add your name to “Author,” under “Copyright Status,” select “Copyrighted,” and add your website or contact details to “Copyright Notice.” This will list the file as copyrighted anywhere that supports metadata. You can also use this to release your work under a Creative Commons license.

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