How do I change the WB in Lightroom?

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How do I use the white balance dropper in Lightroom?

1. Using the Lightroom Eye Dropper. Click the eye dropper icon in the Basic panel. Then, move the eye dropper to a part of your image that is neutral, meaning a place where the RGB (red, green, blue) values are very close to each other, to try and find a neutral spot to use as the new target neutral.

Where is auto white balance in Lightroom?

Luckily, Adobe has done a great job in Lightroom Classic, where auto settings now intelligently read the scene and make more appropriate changes. Head to the Develop module and find the white balance section in the top-right toolbar pane, and use the white balance (WB) drop-down menu to select Auto.

Can you change white balance in Lightroom?

To adjust the white balance in the selected image you can select an option from the White Balance dropdown list to use to fix the image or you can use it as a starting point and then fine tune the result. You can also manually adjust the Temp slider to add warmth or remove it from the image.

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How do you correct white balance?

To achieve good in-camera white balance when shooting, consider these factors:

  1. Shoot in the RAW file format. Putting your camera on the RAW file setting before you shoot is important for post-processing flexibility. …
  2. Aim for consistent lighting. …
  3. Use a gray card to be precise. …
  4. Don’t overcorrect.

What is WB selector?

4. WB Selector. … White balance is adjusting the temperature of the white in your video to create a true white. If the color temperature of white is off, then every other color will appear off. The first tool you can use to correct the white balance is the WB Selector eyedropper.