Quick Answer: How do I delete a selection in clip studio paint?

Select [Edit] menu > [Delete] to delete the selected area or object.

How do you use selection layers in clip studio paint?

(1) Select [Convert to Selection Layer] from the [Selection] menu. (2) A selection layer is created, so draw on using drawing tools. When a transparent color is selected with a drawing tool or an eraser tool is used, you can erase the drawn parts. (3) Double click the selection layer icon of the layer palette.

Is there a selection brush in clip studio paint?

You can use the Selection Pen to create a selection just as if you were using a Brush! Simply draw what you want and the selection will be as big as the size of your brush.

How do I invert a selection in clip studio?

Select the [Select] menu > [Invert selected area] to invert the selected area.

How do you edit lines in clip studio?

To edit the control point, use the [Correct line] tool > [Control point] sub tool. [Add control point], [Delete control point] and [Switch corner] are also possible using the [Control point] sub tool of the [Correct line] tool. Select a [Control point] and right click on the line.

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Where is the correct line tool?

From the toolbar, click and hold the Shape tool ( ) group icon to bring up the various shape tool choices. Select the Line tool.

How do I get rid of blue lines in clip studio?

A way to get rid of blue lines in Clip Studio paint in case you use lined paper or sketch in blue.

  1. After you scan your image in and rotate it to how you like. …
  2. Now go to Tone Curve and in the drop down, select Red and drag the left box all the way up, then change the dropdown to green and do the same there.

What does a mask layer do clip studio paint?

The layer mask is a function that allows you to mask (hide) an image on a layer. By using this function, unnecessary parts such as overlapping lines can be hidden, making coloring easier.

How do I select all in CSP?

Select the [Select] menu > [Select All] to select the entire canvas.

How do I select multiple areas in clip studio?

You can select multiple areas by just dragging the point in CSP when you use [fill] tool or [auto select] tool.

How do you select an object in Clip Studio?

1Select the vector layer on the [Layer] palette, then create a selection area with a selection tool. 2Select the [Select] menu > [Select Vectors Within Area]. This will select all vector lines that fall entirely within the selection area.

How do you select and resize in Clip Studio?

Selecting [Edit] menu > [Transform] > [Scale/Rotate] scales the image up and down by by dragging the handles.

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