Question: What is the eraser on procreate?

Paint, Smudge and Erase are the essential tools of Procreate. Located on the top right of the interface, Paint, Smudge, and Erase all share the same Brush Library, and all work the same way. Tap the icon of the tool you want to use – the brush for Paint, the finger for Smudge, and the eraser for Erase.

Is there a blending tool on Procreate?

Perhaps you’re used to using the smudge tool to blend in Procreate, but you can actually do quite a lot of blending using the regular brush tool. If you set your brush to a low opacity and/or set the opacity to pen pressure, then you can glaze the colors on top of eachother, creating a nice blend.

Where is the smudge brush in Procreate?

This is a feature that has been in Procreate from the start and has recently received some nice updating. The smudge tool can be found on the top right tool bar, just to the right of the the brush tool.

How do I delete part of an image in Procreate?

To remove the background of an image or piece of art in Procreate, you can either use the selection tool or the eraser. The selection tool lets you isolate the main subject of your image or piece of art and let you copy and paste it to a new layer. The eraser allows for a more hands-on approach.

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How do you make a smudge brush in Procreate?

Tap Smudge, then select a brush from the Brush Library. Tap or drag your finger on your brushstrokes and colors to blend your artwork. The Smudge tool creates varying effects depending on the value of the pressure slider. Raise the pressure slider in the left sidebar to strengthen your smudge tool.

Why does Procreate change to eraser?

Procreate Brush Keeps Switching to the Eraser. If your Procreate brush keeps switching to the eraser and you have an Apple Pencil 2, make sure that you don’t have the double tap feature enabled. You can turn this off in the Accessibility settings.

How do I change my Apple Pencil eraser?

Double-tap Apple Pencil (2nd generation)

To change your settings for double-tap, go to Settings > Apple Pencil, then choose: Switch between current tool and eraser. Switch between current tool and last used.

Why does my Apple Pencil keep erasing?

This can be found in Settings > Accessibility > Touch. Make sure Touch Accommodations is off, as this can impact how your screen responds to touch. It sounds like you reset settings, which should have included unpairing and pairing back your Apple Pencil.

Are procreate brushes free?

That’s why we’ve put together a collection of brush sets that you can use in Procreate. And the best part about these brushes is that they’re free, so there’s no risk to you for trying them and you can feel that little bit freer to experiment.