How do you use the magic eraser in procreate?

How do I delete part of an image in Procreate?

To remove the background of an image or piece of art in Procreate, you can either use the selection tool or the eraser. The selection tool lets you isolate the main subject of your image or piece of art and copy and paste it to a new layer. The eraser allows for a more hands-on approach.

Is there a magic eraser in Procreate?

Procreate already has this. Automatic Selection is our version of Magic Wand.

How do I delete layers in Procreate?

The quickest way to clear your whole screen in Procreate is by deleting your layers. Select all the layers in your layer panel by swiping right on each of them. Then click “delete”. Procreate will then come up with a message to ask you if you would like to delete all of the layers, and you can select “yes”.

How do you make a smudge brush in Procreate?

Tap Smudge, then select a brush from the Brush Library. Tap or drag your finger on your brushstrokes and colors to blend your artwork. The Smudge tool creates varying effects depending on the value of the pressure slider. Raise the pressure slider in the left sidebar to strengthen your smudge tool.

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Where is the smudge brush in Procreate?

This is a feature that has been in Procreate from the start and has recently received some nice updating. The smudge tool can be found on the top right tool bar, just to the right of the the brush tool.

How do you ungroup layers in Procreate IPAD?

Once you know how to group layers in Procreate, you may be wondering how you can ungroup layers later on. Unfortunately, there’s no direct way to release a layer group. You’ll have to move each individual layer out of the group one-by-one. To do this, simply hold a tap over one of the layers, causing it to float.

How do I use the feather tool in Procreate?

Quick tip: when selecting with an Ellipse, tap your finger on the screen to make it into a perfect circle! Another new useful option at the bottom called “Feather” allows you to change the properties of your selection. The higher the feather amount – the blurrier the selection.