How do you set the stabilizer in FireAlpaca?

Where is the correction option in FireAlpaca?

This week’s Friday Tip has to do with understanding the Correction tool that’s built into FireAlpaca. You’ll find it as a drop-down menu in the upper section when Brush tool is selected, next to AntiAliasing.

Why is Firealpaca so pixelated?

The program is pixelated because it can’t handle high-dpi screens, I’ve used this as my daily driver and I’m sad that I have to choose another one. My drawings would’ve looked great on my Surface Pro 4 if the devs fix this.

How do you color correct in FireAlpaca?

You can add shading and details without going over the edges. Deselect the Magic Wand. At the top of your screen, select “Select” and then “Deselect” in the menu. Now your drawing should appear, cleanly colored!

How do I restore my brushes in FireAlpaca?

But you can restore them with Restore Preset Brushes tool equipped since FireAlpaca 1.6. 0. Go to “Help” > “Restore Preset Brushes…”. Once the warning dialog window appears, click OK to proceed restoring Preset Brushes.

What does clipping do in Firealpaca?

Clipping function enables you to apply a base color. By applying a base color to each part (such as hair, skin, etc.) of a character, for example, you can easily add shadow or highlight to each part without interfering to other area. You can add multiple layers to Clipping.

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How do you get dark mode in Firealpaca?

There is no dark mode. Thank you for the valued comment. We will consider to implement it positively.

What does protect Alpha do in Firealpaca?

“Protect Alpha” is a feature that protects the transparency on the layer. You will only able to draw on areas that have been illustrated to be opaque. This is a useful tool for when you want to color only those areas that you have drawn.

How do you use curve snap in Firealpaca?

To enable Snap tool, click the icon at the top of canvas to turn it ON. From left, “Snap Off”, “Parallel Snap”, “Crisscross Snap”, “Vanishing Point Snap”, “Radial Snap”, “Circle Snap”, “Curve Snap”, and “Snap Setting”.

Does Firealpaca have a circle tool?

Circle Snap

It enables to draw a circle. You can move the center point of circle from “Snap Setting”.