How do you change opacity in Firealpaca?

If the scanned lineart is light you can slide the black triangle to right to make it darker or if you want to remove the gray areas you can slide the white slider to left. Auto levels is a quick way to adjust tone of an image.

How do I turn the opacity down in Firealpaca?

Make a transparent background (a checkered pattern) to a white background. Go to “View” in the menu bar, and uncheck “Transparent Background”( 1 ). Once “Transparent Background” is unchecked, “Background Color” option is available to select. If you specify a color, it will become the background color.。

Why is Firealpaca blurry?

The program is pixelated because it can’t handle high-dpi screens, I’ve used this as my daily driver and I’m sad that I have to choose another one. My drawings would’ve looked great on my Surface Pro 4 if the devs fix this.

How do I make FireAlpaca darker?

There is no dark mode. Thank you for the valued comment. We will consider to implement it positively.

How do you change brush size in FireAlpaca?

Then, “Ctl + Alt + Drag (for Windows)” or “command + Alt + Drag” (for Mac)” shortcut to change Pen Width becomes very handy. Without going back-and-forth between Brush Control Window and a canvas, you can easily change the pen width. Convenient!

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How do I change my brush in FireAlpaca?

It is super easy. First, click the “Add Brush” icon at the bottom-left of Brush Window. The “Edit Brush” window will pop up, then you can set up your preferred brush. “Type” will change a brush type and show the setting options.

Does FireAlpaca have a virus?

Conversation. CAUTION!! Please download FireAlpaca from our official website: Downloading the program from the unofficial websites may have a risk to get infected by viruses and malware.

Is FireAlpaca good?

It has simple features and functions that make illustrating easy. Even on an old computer, FireAlpaca is reliable and speedy, helping users deliver on their work. Digital art basics like selections tools, hand tools, the move tool, bucket, brushes, pencil, eraser, and eyedropper are all present.

Is FireAlpaca good for drawing?

FireAlpaca offers high quality drawing and sketching software that use the most advanced technologies in producing fantastic designs and professional looking final products. Firealpaca allows you to build and edit brushes, patterns, and sketching tools in its interface.